Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Web Site 101

My web site needs a major overhaul, which I’ve been postponing until after I finish this (ENDLESS) novel I’ve been working on (FOREVER). But I’ve started thinking about what makes a good web site and doing a bit of reading and research on the topic. On Buzz, Balls & Hype, I found an excellent discussion of what authors should (and should not) do on their web sites, with helpful examples. (It’s the second part of a two-part post; part one is here.)

To whet your appetite:

“As novelists, we tend to be… well… wordy. We want to put all our thoughts out there for the world to see. Good design is the opposite. It focuses the eye to the most important, salient image.

“Good advertising copy uses the same principle. Compare this:

You really should get out there and go jogging; I know your knees kind of hurt and you’re probably still hung over from those two glasses of wine last night, and boy it’s chilly this morning, probably low 50’s if you take into account the wind chill, but exercise is good for your heart, and you’ve been meaning to lose those last 15 pounds, haven’t you?

“to this:

Just do it.”

Okay--I, for one, am absolutely convinced this guy knows what he’s talking about!


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