Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Further Inspiration

Speaking of inspiration (and aren’t we always?), writer/teacher/friend Cheryl Somers Aubin offers this suggestion: “I was at an antique store a while ago and went through a whole box of old postcards and pictures. I ended up buying many of them because I thought the stories behind them would be so interesting to imagine and to write.…”

And she shares “the red dress theory,” which she first read about in a Writer’s Digest article: “Basically what this writer [of the article] said is that when you go to a fancy party, many women are dressed in black, but there are always one or two that are dressed in red and you notice them right away. So, for the days when you have so many ideas, look for the one that is wearing the red dress.…” I like this…especially since, yes, I actually do have a red cocktail dress!

I’m sure Cheryl will be sharing more of her wisdom at this upcoming event, “Honoring Our Lives by Telling Our Stories,” where she and others will be teaching.


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