Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Honoring Our Lives by Telling Our Stories"

Cheryl Somers Aubin passes along information about this interesting symposium. She’s a wonderful teacher, and I can certainly vouch for how powerful Maribeth Fischer is as a writer and speaker; she’s the organizer of the fabulous Writers at the Beach conference. Definitely keep this upcoming event in mind!

Honoring Our Lives by Telling Our Stories
The Eighth Annual Writing Your Personal History Symposium
Thursday, May 1, 2008
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Vienna Community Center
120 Cherry Street
Vienna, VA
(703) 255-6360

Keynote Speaker Maribeth Fischer and a distinguished group of writing professionals will address all aspects of personal history writing for new and more seasoned writers. We will engage in writing activities, learn more about places to publish, network with other like-minded writers and leave the symposium ready to “honor our lives by telling our stories.”

Scheduled speakers and sessions:

Maribeth Fischer, author: “The Importance of Telling Our Stories”
Cheryl Somers Aubin, writing instructor: “Writing Exercises”
Dianne Hennessy King, writer and former editor-in-chief for Pillsbury Publications: “When is a Shoe Just a Shoe? How We Create Meaning in Everyday Objects”
Mary Azreal, author, co-editor of Passager Books and the literary journal Passager: “The Joy of Sharing Our Stories with Others”
Brent Sampson, author, President and CEO Outskirts Press: “Publishing Options for Your Finished Memoir”

Fees: $20 for symposium, and $6.00 for lunchbox.

Register at www.viennava.gov. The course number is: 442484-A1 for the symposium and 442484-B1 for the optional turkey sandwich lunchbox lunch.


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