Monday, April 14, 2008

If You Need More Fun in Your Life

One of my secret obsessions is the group Improv Everywhere, a loosely organized organization that plans and executes clever, guerilla-type improvisational events in various cities, usually New York. For example, at a given time all the “agents” in on the “mission” remove their pants while riding the subway, acting as though nothing is wrong. (More info here.) Or another one I liked: several people brought giant, early 1990s computers into a Starbucks and proceeded to set up and work on them, the way people do on their laptops. (Details here.)

Their latest mission is funny and charming and just a little bit heart-warming: they picked a Little League game and “agents” attended it as if it were a major league event, going so far as to pull some strings to get the Goodyear Blimp to sail by, flashing the names of the two teams! Naturally, the kids were crazy with excitement.

If you’d like a smile, read more about the group here and this particular mission here.


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