Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tired of Writing Alone?

Then try this new collaborative approach to writing on the new site WEbook, as reported here in BusinessWeek:

“It works for Wikipedia, but can the power of the crowd extend to writing books? A new startup called WEbook is tackling that very question with a new service that's open to anyone who wants to help write a book. Like the open-source software movement and Wikipedia's collaborative encyclopedia entries, WEbook is betting that the "all contributors welcome" approach can bring more creativity and innovation to a book project than an individual or a small group of experts. …

“Community members will propose the projects, submit chapters to different books, vote on the chapters, and then review and rate the finished books. WEbook plans to publish the highest-rated of its books digitally and in print, sharing a percentage of the royalties with the major contributors.”

This would be fine…except that many writers ARE writers because they enjoy exercising, you know, TOTAL SUPERPOWER CONTROL over their characters and world!

Thanks to writer Paula Whyman for the link.


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