Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TriQuarterly to Be Shut Down

I found out yesterday that Northwestern University’s fine literary journal TriQuarterly (where two of my stories have appeared) is being shut down. Following are the details, as found in an email forwarded to me by a friend. This development is truly unfortunate, and it seems as though the powers that be didn’t handle this situation well AT ALL.

"I just wanted you all know that as of spring 2010 after forty-five years TriQuarterly magazine will cease to exist. Susan Hahn and myself were notified of this fact yesterday just hours before the press release announcing the decision was sent out.

"After terminating TriQuarterly’s print operation and our editorial positions next April, Northwestern University will be giving the name TriQuarterly to an online “open source” student-run journal in the university’s department of continuing studies. While this decision was made without our prior knowledge and without our input, we had been approached at one point about turning the journal into an online entity, and we suggested at the time that we did not believe that TriQuarterly as we have known it would survive, much less thrive, in that format.

"We will be putting out two last issues: our forty-fifth anniversary issue (forty-five is sapphire) and our last issue to be guest-edited by Edward Hirsch.

"In the meantime we will be posting tributes to some of the great issues of the last four and a half decades on our blog TriQuarterly To-day, beginning later this week with our first issue, fall 1964, featuring Leslie Fielder, Stephen Spender, Lionel Trilling, and Richard Brautigan.

"Susan and I would like to thank the entire CLMP community for the support, advice, and friendship you have given us over the years.

Best wishes to all,
Ian Morris
Associate Editor, TriQuarterly"

Here's the link to the TriQuarterly blog:


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