Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Trip to Chicago...

…did not disappoint! Some highlights:

--Stuffed spinach pizza at Edwardo’s.

--Fannie May candies…a box of Pixies, to be specific!

--Incredible weather, the kind of blue sky, crispish fall days that make people think they could really live there.

--Research for my novel at the fabulous Chicago History Museum; wearing white cotton gloves to handle early 20th century family photographs once belonging to Lucy McCormick Blair Linn (founder of Chicago’s Junior League).

--A walking tour about Chicago icon Daniel Burnham’s life (all 12 people on the tour had read The Devil in the White City).

--Silky veal marsala at La Scarola.

--A Schlitz at the Billy Goat Tavern. (Guy next to me: “I haven’t had a Schlitz in 20 years.”)

--Romantic French dinner at Les Nomades…lovely wine selection.

--An 11:00 AM Italian beef sandwich at Al’s Beef before heading out to O'Hare for the trip home.

And one regret: no chance for a Chicago hot dog at Gold Coast Dogs. Alas.


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