Monday, September 14, 2009

Job Opening in Chicago

This is one comprehensive job listing, so clearly, they’ve thought about what they want…maybe it’s you!

Managing Director, The Guild Complex

The Guild Complex, a Chicago community-based organization, presents literary events that feature emerging and underrepresented voices. The Guild Complex's innovative programming includes performances and readings that focus on marginalized voices. We look at literary culture and ask, what's missing?

The Guild Complex is a resourceful and collaborative organization that is proud of the traditions of literary excellence and community-based events established by Guild Books. This legacy has been carried on through provocative and eclectic programs for 20 years. Since its formation, the Guild Complex has established itself, in the words of the Illinois Arts Council, as Chicago's premiere literary center. The Complex has twice been selected as a model literary center by the National Endowment for the Arts.

We have recently completed a very successful board development effort and significantly increased the size of the board. In addition we are in the process of completing a detailed Long Range Plan for the organization.

Reports To: Executive Committee

Managing Director is a full-time position (40 hours/week) that is responsible for the excellent execution of all day-to-day activities. This includes planning and staging all events, fund raising, especially grant writing, all administrative duties, and working with the board to continue to find ways to advance the mission of the organization. At this time the Managing Director is the only paid staff member and operates in a virtual work environment from the Managing Director's home.The primary responsibilities for the Managing Director are:

FUND RAISING. As grants are an essential source of the Guild Complex's income, one of the key duties of the Managing Director is grant writing. She/He will be responsible for maintaining good relationships with key foundations and government agencies, submitting grants, following up on inquiries, researching and cultivating new grant opportunities.The Managing Director, in concert with the Board of Directors, and the Fund raising Committee, organizes and strategizes all fund raising activities related to generating contributed income. This includes: individual donor efforts, direct mail campaigns, and in-person solicitations; corporate sponsorships and special events. The Managing Director will provide the leadership, strategic direction, management and coordination for all fund raising efforts. She/He will work closely with the Board President and the Fund raising Committee to create fund raising strategies that increase the organization's support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other sources.

BOARD RELATIONS. In concert with the Executive Committee, the Managing Director consults with and advises the Board and its committees on matters of policy and assists in the general organization and effectiveness of the Board; She/He reports to the Board regularly on the financial status and operations of the organization and is a member of the Programming, Fund raising, Finance, Marketing and Governance Committees. The Managing Director, in concert with the Board Development Committee, helps to identify and recruit new Board members.

MARKETING/PUBLIC RELATIONS. The Managing Director, in concert with the Marketing Committee, writes, oversees, and approves all materials (including press releases, flyers, direct mail pieces, e-blasts and website communication) for the marketing, publicity, and advertising of all programs. She/He is a member of the Marketing Committee.

FINANCE. The Managing Director oversees all financial matters; plans, creates, modifies, and tracks the annual budget with the input from the Board President and Treasurer and the approval of the Board of Directors. She/He develops and implements budgetary control systems; approves all expenses and supervises purchasing consistent with approved budgets and policies; generates purchasing and payroll disbursements; analyzes, reviews, and assures the accurate preparation of reports for outside agencies, management, and the Board; manages cash flow; plots financial strategy; and works with the accounting firm on annual audits.

PROGRAMMING. The Managing Director, in concert with various program curators, is responsible for the execution of all programming. (In 2009, almost 30 events were presented.) This includes:
• Identifying and securing partnerships. Working with partners to share expenses, programming direction, publicity, etc.
• Sending contracts to artists, negotiating honoraria, negotiating book sales, ordering books from distributors when necessary, ensuring that marketing materials are forwarded for promotion, paying artists, making sure all appropriate tax documentation is filled out and filed. (We feature approximately 60 artists annually with approximately half of them requiring contracts.)
• Booking and paying for flights and hotels and coordinating local transport of artists.• Booking venues, reviewing and executing contracts. Booking and paying for artist dinners.
• Maintaining sound equipment and recording equipment. Transporting equipment, set up/break down at venues as needed.
• Drafting and maintaining annual calendar of events

GENERAL MANAGEMENT. The Managing Director manages all day-to-day administration; works with the Board President, partners and program curators to assure the effective execution of all events; acts as the ambassador of the Guild Complex to the general public; and provides significant input into the long-term direction and development of the organization. Some of the General Management responsibilities include:
Vendor Relations/Contracts:
• Negotiate contract terms. Make sure all appropriate tax documentation is filed.
• Maintain records of all vendor contracts. Make sure all payments are timely and are accounted for in the Guild Complex's cash flow.

Maintaining files:
• Retain information for funder files, employment files, accounting files, program files, etc., then makes sure that updated information is maintained in a useful and accessible manner.
• Maintain the employee handbook and the board of directors' manual – each of which needs annual updating.
Office management:
• Coordinate mailings of e-blasts and snail mail: postcards, appeals, etc.,
• Maintain and update all mailing lists: physical and electronic.
• Buy office supplies.
Specific tasks include:
• Generate annual budget in partnership with Executive Committee (Multiple drafts). Once annual budget is approved, distill the managing budget into a summary form for funders and other publics.
• Generate cash flow budget from the managing budget. Provide quarterly updates of cash flow, compare to budget and recommend adjustments as necessary.
• Responsible for all Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
• Maintain accurate and easily accessible Quickbooks records.
• Issue annual 1099s and W-2s
• Pay bi-weekly payroll.
• Work with accountant in preparation of the annual audit.

Extensive grant writing experience (writing samples will be part of interview process)
Hands-on experience running a small, grass-roots organization
501(c)3 experience
Excellent problem solving skills
Excellent communication and team-building skills.
Individual fund raising experience
Self motivated with a proven ability to meet deadlines
Computer literacy is required

Experience in arts management
Experience in communications and marketing, including social media
Corporate fund raising a plus

Ideal Experience: The ideal candidate will have the following experience and qualifications:
• At least five to seven years of proven experience running a small, grass roots, nonprofit organization.
• Demonstrated experience in managing budgets; ability to work in a hands-on environment with modest resources;
• Ability to effectively gain the respect and support of various constituencies, including board and staff members, curators, venue owners and managers, donors and foundations and civic leaders;
• A successful track record of grant writing and building a diversified revenue stream.
• An experienced, effective communicator
• Bachelor's degree.

Personal Qualities: The Managing Director will be:
• Enthusiastic;
• Highly entrepreneurial, resourceful and flexible;
• A strategist who is adept at planning, prioritizing, multitasking, organizing and following through while remaining energetic and focused;
• A team builder with strong skills in management and leadership;
• A catalyst with vision who can create excitement and energy around the Guild Complex programs and encourage others to support the organization -- persuasive, persistent, and determined in the pursuit of the organization's goals;
• Straightforward, self-motivated, and diplomatic -- sharing information readily, listening as well as giving advice and respecting the abilities of others;
• Energetic and willing to work hands-on in developing and executing a variety of fund raising activities; and
• Emotionally mature with a sense of humor to maintain balance.

Health Insurance Coverage
Paid Vacation

Reviews: Performance reviews scheduled annually.
Compensation: $35,000 to $38,000/year depending on experience

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to:
The Guild Complex
PO Box 478880
Chicago, IL 60647-9998


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