Monday, September 14, 2009

Pretty Up Your P's and Q's

This Slate article about handwriting was interesting. Apparently, the tidy handwriting of the once-famous Palmer method is pretty much on its way to being a lost art, but there are ways to learn to improve your writing style:

“Still, my daughter and I found the motivation to continue Barchowsky's program. Slowly over the 10 weeks it took us, the improvements started to become part of our unconscious handwriting. True, no bride would hire us to address her wedding invitations, but by the end we were both astonished at our progress. My daughter said, "I was embarrassed by my old handwriting; now I'm not. I used to hate it in class if I couldn't use the computer because my writing was such a scribble."

Read the article—and see the before and after samples, which are notable—here.


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