Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things to Do Before You Die: One Amazing Hockey Game

Last night for Valentine’s Day, Steve took me to a Caps game vs. the Montreal Canadiens. We had AMAZING seats, three rows behind the penalty box, at center ice, and the game was fabulous (despite some bad penalty killing by the Caps). It ended in a regulation tie, thanks to a grinder’s goal in the last three minutes or so (I believe it was his 7th goal all season), and no one scored in the overtime, so there was a shoot-out, which the Caps won 2-0 to 0-2.

But most memorable was Alex Ovechkin’s 42nd goal of the year—a goal of the decade, for sure—in which he managed to score while sliding across the ice on his butt. Of course, that doesn’t really describe it fully. Even non-hockey fans can appreciate this:

Check it out, to remind yourself of what can happen when skill and hard work meet magic--the moment that we writers ceaselessly strive for.


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