Monday, February 23, 2009

Off to VCCA!

I’m off to spend three weeks at heaven, aka The Virginia Center for Creative Arts (VCCA), an artists’ colony in southwest Virginia. After a hectic January and February, I’m excited to have some time to breathe and get in some writing on my new novel. I’ve also got an essay and a few short stories calling my name in case the novel proves to be stubborn.

I plan to blog while I’m there, though probably less regularly, but for the first week I’m taking a blog vacation of sorts. Happily, writer Judy Leaver has jumped into the gap with her wonderful report on her experiences at the 2009 Key West Literary Seminar. So look for that—as well as some pre-posted announcements—starting tomorrow. (You can read Judy’s wonderful poem about the writing process here.)

If this feels disjointed, it’s because I haven’t quite finished packing and figuring out what to bring, and clothes are being washed as we speak. How many sweaters is too many? What if I need a “nice outfit”? Will I be too hot or too cold? Will I really ever get desperate enough to eat the instant oatmeal packets I bought at Target? It freaked me out to realize at midnight that I had forgotten all about a hair dryer…so what else have I forgotten??!

Ahh....breathe. Happy writing!!


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