Monday, February 9, 2009

Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day!

Okay, so maybe I’m slightly biased, since one of my stories has been included. But I am such a HUGE fan of The Sun magazine (which I plan to subscribe to until I die) that even if they hadn’t selected my story “Ten Things” to appear in this anthology, I would still buy a copy of this newly released book.

Here’s the description of The Mysterious Life of the Heart:

"In fifty personal essays, short stories, and poems that originally appeared in The Sun, some of the magazine’s most talented writers explore the enigma of love. With unremitting candor, they take us on a journey through ecstasy and heartbreak, anger and forgiveness, fleeting crushes and lasting relationships. The result is an unforgettable tapestry of love: vibrant, messy, mysterious, and enduring."

Enticing excerpt from the introduction:

“Love is a house with many rooms, and The Mysterious Life of the Heart explores only one of them: not a child’s love for a parent or a parent’s love for a child or love between siblings or love between friends. It’s about the room upstairs at the end of the hall, shared by two lovers who’ve decided to stay — for a weekend or forever, no one can say. Sometimes they kiss, sometimes they bite. They dream they’re in heaven. They swear they’re in hell. That room.”

Enticing excerpt from my story, “Ten Things”:

“He once compared you to an avocado. He was never good at saying what he meant in fancy ways. (You had a boyfriend in college who dedicated poems to you, one of which won a contest in the student literary magazine, but that boyfriend never compared you to anything as simple and real as an avocado.)"

And here’s where to click if you’d like more details or ordering information:

--Read the introduction
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--Order the book


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