Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food + Fiction = Fish Chowder

Katharine (Kitty) Davis, whose new novel East Hope has just been released, has written about “food and fiction” on the Book Club Blog. Be sure to check it out here…and also don’t miss her yummy recipes for fish chowder (and cornbread) as mentioned in the pages of East Hope. Kitty writes on the blog:

“Caroline Waverly, my female protagonist in East Hope is a food writer. Early in the novel, after moving to Maine, she makes fish chowder for her friend, Vivien, who has come to visit. They eat the soup in the airy dining room in the lovely old house that Caroline has inherited. Vivien comments on the freshness of the fish, the beautiful view, and the charming village of East Hope. Meanwhile, Caroline can barely swallow her soup as she tries to gather the courage to tell her friend the news that will change her life completely.”


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