Monday, November 24, 2008

Your "Beautiful Collection of Lyrical Linked Stories"

Blogger Editorial Ass (who is a NY editor) guest blogs on The Writers’ Group about how she knows when she’s fallen in love with a book and wants to acquire it:

“There are ways of pitching the same book that can make it more or less attractive to an editor (who, keep in mind, will have to sell the concept to her money-minded publisher and sales department, not to mention about a jillion other people). Stay away from generic praise and focus on what is special and unique about the book--"A beautiful collection of lyrical linked stories" means much less to me (and, thereby, to my boss) than "What happens to a tight-knit small-town community when they discover a secret in their church basement?"--even if we're talking about the exact same book. I know it sounds horribly commercial and low-minded, but a memorable pitch will set your manuscript apart from the other 15 beautiful and lyrical books I have on my desk at any given time.”

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