Monday, November 10, 2008

32 Poems ISO Intern

Here’s your chance to gain valuable experience in the glamorous world of literary journals. Note that you may telecommute; you don’t have to live in the DC area. Here’s the announcement:

32 Poems is looking for 1-2 extra sets of hands to help us grow.The 32 Poems intern could help with any of the items below that looks interesting:

--planning readings (best if you live in large metro area);
--creating concept for new renewal postcards (graphic designer would do the actual design work);
--sending out renewal postcards;
--creating concept for new subscription postcards (graphic designer would do the actual design work);
--building or updating website;
--contributing to blog with interesting posts;
--photographing or taking video of 32 poems events;
--reading poems sent in via online system;
--manning 32 Poems table at AWP for a few hours each day;
--inventing interactive ways to engage with people at AWP conference;
--using web 2.0 tools to create community.

If you are already familiar with 32 Poems, you are welcome to suggest an area we need to work on and to explain how your skills would help with that. Please send a cover letter explaining your experience in 1-2 of the areas above to Please do not send a resume or any attachments at this time. If you know how to make video, you are welcome to make a video explaining your experience. In that case, just send the link. Please also put "32 Poems intern" in the subject line.

You can find out more about 32 Poems at these sites:
32 Poems Magazine


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