Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"I'll Take Zany Southern Writers for $500"

1. Which author, who met and mentored William Faulkner in New Orleans, agreed to recommend Faulkner’s first novel, Soldier’s Pay, to his publisher, provided he didn’t have to read it first?
a. Tennessee Williams
b. Sherwood Anderson
c. Scott Fitzgerald
d. Ernest Hemingway

From Maud Newton’s southern culture trivia quiz, with much more found here. The answer is b, Sherwood Anderson.

And another:

28. Anecdote contributed by writer/blogger Carrie Frye: Which North Carolina writer, when drunk, used to bite off pieces of his or her glass and chew on them?
a. Thomas Wolfe
b. Jill McCorkle
c. David Sedaris
d. Allan Gurganus

Yikes. It’s a, Thomas Wolfe...hope he had an excellent dentist.


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