Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do I Dare Complain about Independent Bookstores?

Here’s one thing you won’t find on books ordered through Amazon: stupid, sticky, impossible-to-peel-off-easily, irritating, ugly PRICE STICKERS. If I’m buying a hardcover, there’s always the tiniest thought in my mind that maybe down the line, this book might be of interest to book collectors willing to pay big bucks for a first edition (i.e. this is my retirement plan), so I don’t appreciate all the gummy stickers gunking up my pretty hardcover paper jackets.

And even if it’s just a trade paperback, I hate that residue left behind after I scrape, scrape, scrape to get off the stupid sticker, wrecking my fingernails in the process.

If you think I’m crazy, please note:

--Price range of “fine” quality first edition of The Great Gatsby without the paper jacket: $3500-$5000

--Price of “fine” quality first edition of The Great Gatsby WITH the paper jacket in “fine” condition: $50,000

(Amusingly, the shipping cost on this purchase is only $8.00. Uh—maybe spring for some insurance on this one?? Or perhaps someone forking out $50K should get free shipping??)

Source (in case you’ve got some pocket change you’re looking to spend): Abebooks

So, independent bookstores, please find less sticky labels already!


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