Monday, March 30, 2015

Learn How to Write Better Essays, Tweet by Tweet

Who says Twitter is banal?  Writer/essayist Roxane Gay (@rgay) gave an impromptu tweet-by-tweet, Q&A tutorial on how to write essays, which has been captured in its entirety.


do you think essays have to have a specific "point"? Is comedy a good enough purpose? 

Purpose matters in all things. Humor needs to give shape to an idea of some kind.

but must there be a rhetorical point? Is expression of experience ever enough? ie,poems don't NEED a point, just a POV (in my opinion) 

Why should someone care about the expression of experience? That's why purpose matters 

And by all means, read her latest book of essays, Bad Feminist! I'm pretty sure that book will end up on my favorite books of the year list.


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