Friday, March 20, 2015

Novel Critiques Offered by Dzanc Books

Here’s a message from Dan Wickett, co-founder of Dzanc Books, a wonderful and top-quality small press:

I'm now critiquing novel openings. Here's the pitch:

 Co-founder of Dzanc Books and one who has opened and read thousands of manuscripts with an eye toward acceptance, I would be reading and critiquing the first two chapters of your novel manuscript (or up to 40 pages) with that same eye, but as a reader and not as if I'm looking to accept or reject your novel--my critique would be a letter detailing what caught my eye, both good and bad, and where I was at when honestly were I reading this as a submission that I'd decide to say No thank you, or I want to keep reading. It will also include line edits--the length into the manuscript of which will depend on just how frequent they are--if I'm picking apart something in every sentence they won't go through the full two chapters or 40 pages, but will go in deep enough that you'll understand what I'm commenting on and why.

 Donate $50 to Dzanc to receive the above. They will be critiqued in the order they are received and I will do at least one every other day. Each mss will be read 2X before I begin to critique them in writing. When I receive your manuscript, I'll reply via email letting you know what number in line your manuscript is, and give an approximate date of completion.

 Simply donate the $50 to Dzanc via their support page at and then forward your receipt to with your manuscript attached. 


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