Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baseball Fans Can Spell

The Grammerly team reviewed the most recent news articles posted to the fan websites of top sports organizations then collected 150 of the most recent reader comments on these articles and assessed them for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Among the findings:

Spelling in Sports? It’s Hit or Miss
  • Baseball fans are nearly batting a thousand when it comes to spelling, with only 1.6 mistakes per 100 words.
  • Wrestling fans are the worst spellers. An average of 9.2 mistakes per 100 words puts them down for the count.

With Opening Day fast-approaching, I’m so proud to see that baseball fans are looking literate! (I’m also rather proud of hockey fans, who come in second.)

Read more about the Grammarly findings: [OOPS...THEY MADE ME REMOVE THE LINK FOR SOME REASON...SORRY!]

(Is it any surprise that cricket fans are among the chattiest, given how long those matches or games or pitches or wickets or whatever they are last?)


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