Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moby-Dick in the News

Thar she blows…Nathaniel Philbrick has a new book out called Why Read Moby-Dick?, and I’m immediately putting it on my list.  He’s the author of In the Heart of the Sea:  The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, which is an amazing true tale about the sinking of a whaling ship, the basis for Moby-Dick is based on.

So here are some excellent Moby-Dick related links:

From NPR, a discussion with Philbrick about his new book:  As he tells Robert Siegel, he thinks you should read it not only because "the level of the language is like no other," but because "it's as close to being our American Bible as we have." “ (Read on.)

And from the New York Times, this display of Moby-Dick book covers from various eras and countries (what’s up with the cover showing guys standing on the steps?):

The New York Times review of Philbrick’s book:  “His voice is that of a beloved professor lecturing with such infectious enthusiasm that one can almost, for a moment, believe in the possibility of a popular renaissance for Melville.”  (Read on.)

Here’s the book trailer, which includes some lovely scenery of Nantucket:  http://youtu.be/I-Pz7YtJCco
 (sorry--I don't know why this video isn't showing up directly...grr.)


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