Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Black Hole" at Redux

New at Redux:  “Black Hole” by Walter Cummins, a short story:

The cloud cover thickened just as the cable car began its ascent, lifting off from the wooden boarding shed and skimming the tall spruces on the mountainside. Paul knew they had lost the sun for the day; only a small circle of blue sky remained far in the distance.  When they reached the peak, even the nearby ranges would be swallowed in grey.

"We won't see a goddamn thing."  Paul kicked a boot at the side of the car.

"Stop pouting," Leslie told him. 

"I came here for mountains."

Their eyes locked, and Paul quivered with resentment.  An hour before, maids clattering outside their hotel room, they had thrashed in lovemaking, not caring that their cries could be heard in the hallway.  Now he found her lips thin and mean as she clenched her jaw.  We're only good in the dark, he wanted to tell her but instead turned away from her face.


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