Thursday, March 10, 2011

Work in Progress: Off to VCCA!

I’ve been eagerly anticipating my spring break trip this year: to VCCA (Virginia Center for Creative Arts), where I plan to work on about a thousand different projects, finishing them all (haha). But who knows…I find it amazing to see how much creative work can be accomplished when one is freed of the drudgery of grocery shopping, laundry, taking out the garbage, etc. And though I love to cook, there is something SO NICE about just showing up for dinner, eating it, and walking away from those dirty dishes.

Blogging will be light, pre-posted items (unless my 1000 projects aren’t going well and procrastination-through-blogging seems like a good idea). And don’t bother breaking into my house while I’m away as my husband is holding down the fort…along with a very large box of his favorite frozen mini franks*-in-a-blanket.

Here’s my previous post about how to pack for a colony and what to expect, and the follow-up to that post.

*Hebrew National brand and kosher, so they’re technically not “pigs” in the blanket as we called them in the midwest


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