Monday, March 14, 2011

My Ancient Life: Quotations of Note, 1

I’m off at VCCA, writing like a maniac—I hope! I may post about what’s going on there, and I may not. In case of the latter, I’m leaving behind some of my favorite “inspirational” quotations that I hand-copied into a notebook, using my very neatest handwriting, while I was in high school, and spilling into the early years of college. Several grandiose themes will probably emerge….

(If you think this is worrisome, be relieved that I’m not posting any of my high school poems!)

As for the attributions, I’ll remind you that high school girls and young college students often have their own ideas of attribution. So blame that girl from long ago for any errors and sloppiness.

“Obviously no poet of such fierce perception can tidily put his life away when he is not writing. The poet lives the truth he has to write….”
~Alfred Kazin
“The Posthumous Life of Dylan Thomas”

“The mind of an artist must be like the sea, so vast that the boundaries are invisible, so clear that the stars are reflected to the very bottom.”
~Gustave Flaubert
Letter to Louise Colet


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