Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Ancient Life: Quotations of Note, 4

I’m off at VCCA, writing like a maniac—I hope! I may post about what’s going on there, and I may not. In case of the latter, I’m leaving behind some of my favorite “inspirational” quotations that I hand-copied into a notebook, using my very neatest handwriting, while I was in high school, and spilling into the early years of college. Several grandiose themes will probably emerge….

“Writers don’t care what they eat. They just care what you think of them.”
~Louise Fitzhugh
Harriet the Spy

“And I don’t want any cracks about her job. Goddammit [sic], she’s trying. She’s got ambition, and when you lost that, baby, you’ve really cashed in your chips.”
~Jacqueline Susann
Once is Not Enough
Mike Wayne

[Hey, a girl does not live on Fitzgerald & Salinger alone!]


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