Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Katharine Davis: A Slender Thread

Congratulations to my friend and former writing group member Katharine (Kitty) Davis on the publication of her new novel, A Slender Thread. I read much of this in progress, but not the ending—because Kitty moved and had to leave the group—so I’m eager to see how things turned out for these memorable characters.

Here’s what the book is about:

"As a girl swimming in the waters of Bow Lake, where she and her family spent every summer, Margot Winkler knew her big sister, Lacey, would keep her safe. Decades later, Lacey’s home in a small New Hampshire town is often Margot’s refuge from her less settled situation with her live-in lover, Oliver, in Manhattan. But everything changes just before Thanksgiving, when Lacey meets Margot’s arrival for the holiday with devastating news. . ."

Here’s some of the prepublication praise:

“With a sure, light touch and a shrewd eye for telling details, Katharine Davis expertly weaves a resonant story about the bonds of family, the tug of geography, and the regenerative power of art. A Slender Thread is an emotionally rich and penetrating novel.”
~~Christina Baker Kline, author of Bird in Hand and The Way Life Should Be.

Be sure to check out Thursday Thoughts, Kitty’s blog about books she’s been reading; a great way to develop your own reading list: go here.

You can read more on her website. And you can buy the book here!

Note to the FTC overlords: Nothing free here; I ordered my copy from Amazon and it’s on its way.


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