Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ISO Creative Nonfiction

What I especially like about this call for submissions is that the editor included some helpful and specific information about what type of work appeals to him/her:

Call for CREATIVE NONFICTION submissions: Sycamore Review

Sycamore Review is now accepting submissions in CREATIVE NONFICTION using our new online submissions manager. Most of our nonfiction content could be classified as literary memoir or personal essay. Sycamore Review does not publish scholarly articles or journalistic pieces, though we do publish experiential journalism or personal reportage with a memoir bent. We are interested in originality, brevity, significance, strong dialogue, and vivid detail. There is no maximum page count, but remember that the longer the piece is, the more compelling each page must be.

Read below to find out what Nonfiction Editor Chidelia Edochie is looking for in an essay:

Following is a short list of essays that I love, and that I think manage to accomplish what I discuss above:
“Stain You Red” by Nicole Helget
“Burl’s” by Bernard Cooper
“The Love of my Life” by Cheryl Strayed
and“The Undertaking” by Thomas Lynch

Online submissions manager can be found at http://www.sycamorereview.com/submgr/


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