Monday, August 23, 2010

Funny Ladies

Check out the weekly humor blogs on the Bethesda [Maryland] Magazine written by two of my friends. They’re very funny even if you don’t live in the area…and if you do live here, I promise you’ll laugh out loud:

In the Semi-Charmed Life, Paula Whyman examines the wonders of suburbia:

In every home search there comes a moment like this one: You will be standing in the formal living room of a sparkling white house, surrounded by white furniture and white painted walls, with white plush carpet underfoot, and you will say to yourself, “I think there is mud on my Tevas.”

In Alternate Sides, Susan Coll tackles parking (yes, parking is very, very funny):

Even if our cooking skills are negligible and we don’t know the difference between a beefsteak and an heirloom tomato, for reasons best explained by sociologists, we nonetheless gravitate to overpriced gourmet food outlets where we’re unable to procure half of the items that we need. Hence it was with great enthusiasm that we set out to explore the new Whole Foods at Friendship Heights, and in particular, to assess the parking lot.

Special bonus:
Paula also runs a parody newspaper called the Bethesda World News, News from the Center of the Universe, which can be found here:


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