Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Entering the Poem: Andrea Hollander Budy

Poet Andrea Hollander Budy was my roommate way back when at the first Sewanee Writers Conference I attended. We figured out that we were put together because on the roommate questionnaire, after all the questions about night owl vs. early bird, messy vs. clean, we had both written something along the lines of: “The most important factor is that my roommate be a non-smoker!!!!” Voila—we were matched.

Anyway, here is an interesting interview with her on the blog for the journal 32 Poems. An excerpt:

“I have always tried to write as clearly as possible in language that is free of decoration. A poem is already by its nature a dense enterprise — relatively few words attempt to engage readers and provide a compelling experience — and while I don’t wish to write simplistic poems, I do want readers to easily enter a poem and to discover there something valuable not only the first time they read or hear it, but for them to want to enter the poem again and again and to be ushered more deeply into it each time.”

Read the rest here.


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