Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Beach

I’ve been staying at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for the past few days, focusing on my writing in quiet solitude (literally—no TV!). The ocean is a two minute walk away, and now I know what would motivate me to exercise happily every single day…an ocean two minutes away!  I can imagine nothing more pleasant than to take a walk along the shore every single day. Since that’s not something that will be happening in the near future, I’ll just enjoy what I have for the next week.

Also two minutes away is downtown Rehoboth, which in the summer is packed with people and the fried-sweet-sugary-coconuty scent of sun-screened families wolfing down French fries and taffy, but which now feels almost post-apocalyptic, with boarded storefronts and stray wanderers on empty, wide sidewalks and street parking galore.  (Okay, if the post-apocalypse includes a lot of people walking dogs.)

I love it!  There was even snow this morning, about an inch, that was absolutely lovely!

Have no fear, there are restaurants open, even enough so that it’s stressful to make hard decisions, if one is trying not to eat like a P-I-G.  So far I’ve had steak tacos at happy hour at Dos Locs Stone Grill, happy hour tapas at CafĂ© Azafran (who knew green beans could be so delicious?!), oysters on the half shell at Fins, and a great Italian sub at Touch of Italy.

Big night tonight as Grotto Pizza will finally be open; I’ve been desperate for Grotto Pizza!!!!  It doesn’t help that there are branches everywhere I walk…all shuttered, all mocking me.

On Saturday, Fisher’s will be open, so there are plans for caramel corn in my future.

Oh, yes, the work…that, too, is going well.  I sorted 10,000 scraps of paper.  I read all the pages I have written over the past eighteen months.  I have a new title that—fingers crossed—is perfect.  And I have a glimmer of the path ahead with this manuscript.  Just a glimmer, yes, but I’m trying to be patient and assume that the path will open to me soon.  All things cannot be perfect, even here at the beach.


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