Monday, February 4, 2013

Back at the Beach

I snuck home for one night to watch the Super Bowl—yay, Ravens!—but here I am again, for several more days.  I’m not tired of looking at the ocean every day.  I’m also not tired of oysters, having had some excellent Golden Sweets at Henlopen Oyster House.  While I could have easily eaten another half dozen, there is something so decadent—even by my standards—about eating more than six, so I had steamed shrimp instead, which were the best steamed shrimp I’ve ever had!  Perfectly cooked, plump, spiced with gobs of whole spices and onions…it’s also decadent to have a second bowl of steamed shrimp, so I headed home afterwards.  But I’m sure I’ll be back!

On Sunday, I watched the Polar Bear Plunge—several thousand people running into the ocean in bathing suits, followed quickly by several thousand people running out of the ocean, many of them screaming. 

I also had some wonderful craft cocktails with house-infused bourbon at East of Eden and delicious fried calamari.  On the other end of the spectrum, I went to the fabulous, definitely unfancy Arena’s and had “Delaware’s Best Nachos.”  I got the small order, which was about six inches tall, eight inches wide, with at least a cup of sour cream on top.

Reading, writing, thinking…the days here pass with a quiet intensity.


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