Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Redux Open Reading Period Sneak Peek & New Story

1.  Redux will have an open reading period, October 8 through October 31.  Guidelines can be found here.  Basically, we’re looking for previously published stories/poems/essays that are not found elsewhere on the internet.


2.  Check out Nathan Alling Long’s story “Thrown,” just posted on Redux:

His body was stiff from the fall, but the snow had cushioned him from breaking any bones.  He yelled out for Mosby again, and after the horse did not appear, he did what he often did in infrequent encounters with terror.  He thought of the mundane, listing what was certain. “This is snow,” he whispered into the wind.  “My feet are dry and my boots are on tight.”
And be sure to read the writing process that led to the story:

“I recall sitting down to write one day and finding myself bored with any image or idea I came up with.  I decided then to write about how one writes a story, seeming from nothing.  I thought of an all white environment, and came up with the cowboy in the snowstorm, akin to a writer lost in the whiteness of a black sheet of paper.”

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