Monday, September 10, 2012

NPR's Three-Minute Fiction Contest

I’m never one to keep it short when writing fiction, but this is a consistently interesting contest.  I’ve also found that the exercise of writing to the assignment and keeping within 600 (!) words has been useful.  Plus, you can’t argue with no fee to enter and the glory of having your winning story read on NPR…plus, this year, the winner will be published in The Paris Review.

Some details from the website: 
This election season, Three-Minute Fiction is getting political. Weekends on All Things Considered has a new judge, a new challenge and a new prize for Round 9. For this contest, submit original, short fiction that can be read in about three minutes, which means no more than 600 words.

The judge for this round is writer Brad Meltzer. He's the author of seven novels, including the best-seller The Inner Circle. His newest thriller, The Fifth Assassin, will be out in January.

Here's the challenge he's laid out for contestants: Story entries must revolve around a U.S. president, who can be real or fictional. … Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, Sept. 23.

And not to dissuade you but to inspire you as to what can be possible in 600 words, here’s the winner from last time.  It’s a FANTASTIC story… I’ll never forget it.


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