Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Vacation

Congratulations to Austin, who will be channeling F. Scott Fitzgerald in her Tigers Princeton T-shirt!  Thanks to everyone for entering.

And speaking of channeling…I’ll be channeling the two quarters of French class I took in college while I’m off visiting Quebec.  Back then it seemed like it would be fun to learn French, and it was…until I got to the irregular verbs, when I thought, “Why am I doing this again?”  Plus, it was a class that met every single day—and the language lab was dirty and disgusting....  Oh, youth!  So if I end up ordering “brains” on a menu by accident, it will be no one’s fault but my own!  (In Paris, I almost accidentally ordered “head cheese” because I recognized “frommage” as "cheese," so such things are possible.)

So, au revoir…and blogging will resume sometime after Columbus Day.


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