Monday, April 9, 2012

Link Corral: New on Redux, Work for the Sun Magazine (!), Learn How to Podcast

New on Redux:  John Guzlowski’s poems about his parents’ experience in the Nazi camps.  Here’s a glimpse of the “story behind the poems” that he wrote:

“My Mother Was 19” is about what happened the day the Nazis came to my mother’s farm in Poland and killed much of her family.  It wasn’t an easy poem to write.  I had been trying to write this poem for about thirty years.

Read on.  Harrowing work, indeed.


This is truly a dream job:  Managing Editor at The Sun magazine.  Maybe it could be yours?

We need a full-time Managing Editor at The Sun, a nonprofit, ad-free magazine in its thirty-ninth year of publication. This position is in our editorial office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The job requires impeccable editorial skills, proven management ability, and a meticulous and exacting eye for detail. We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and an appealing work environment. Click here for details. (No e-mails, phone calls, faxes, or surprise visits, please.)


On May 5, writer C.M. Mayo will be offering a one-day workshop at the Writer’s Center about how to podcast.  Sounds intriguing and useful.  More details here.


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