Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Link Corral: Executive Director Job; Write What You Know?; Poetry on Redux

The Hudson Valley Writers' Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to advance the art and craft of writing by encouraging writers and readers at all levels to participate in and enjoy the literary arts.  We seek an Executive Director with vision and proven experience in development of not-for-profit organizations and a dedication to the arts and literary pursuits.  The ED is responsible for overall management of the Center's programs, operations, and staff, and for development and fundraising.

Candidates should send a resume with a cover letter and three references as attachments to an email to John Allendorf, Chair, Search Committee c/o Jean Reyes at  Details and a job description are on our website at


Writer Sandra Beasley has some interesting thoughts on that old saw, “write what you know”:

My point is, what you know extends far beyond internal monologue. Write about the history of a Shenandoah National Park trail, not just a fight you had with your boyfriend as you hiked it. Write about how to make a perfect pie crust, or how to dock a sailboat with one knot. Write about fights your parents had over money when you were a kid, but look up what the actual state of the economy was at the time--how much did a loaf of bread cost? a house? what was the living wage?--and include that too. 


New on Redux: A lovely selection of poems by Kelle Groom.

From “Second Language”:

At the mosaic table in a coffee house,
I learned to say I love you in Croatian,
Volim te, we said it in every language
we remembered, laughing because it’s

always the third phrase you want to know:
hello, goodbye, I love you.

Read on.


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