Monday, April 30, 2012

Fitzgerald Walking Tour

Check out this F. Scott Fitzgerald walking tour in St Paul, Minnesota:

You don’t even have to be in Minnesota, since the pictures are ample and the text is illuminating and detailed:

“Built in 1882, this house belonged to real estate developer Herman Greve. His daughter Alexandra Greve Kalman and her husband were lifelong friends of Scott and his wife Zelda. Alexandra was the realtor who helped them find several homes when they returned from New York in 1921. She rented them a house in Dellwood, but they were evicted after the pipes froze because they left the house unheated while they were away partying. They also had to leave an apartment at the White Bear Yacht Club because of their partying.”

Those crazy Fitzgeralds…maybe it’s more fun to read about them than to have them in the neighborhood.

(Thanks to my husband Steve for finding this link.  Surely I’ve mentioned a thousand times that he wooed me in the early days by quoting from The Great Gatsby:  “We’ll meet you on some corner.  I’ll be the man smoking two cigarettes.”)


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