Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Fiction Chapbook Contest at The Florida Review

As someone who writes loooong “short” stories, I’m always interested in markets that are open to pieces longer than5000 words.  Here’s a new fiction chapbook contest, sponsored by The Florida Review, named in honor of Jeanne Leiby, the Southern Review editor who recently died.  There’s a $25 fee, but you get a subscription of The Florida Review.  And move quickly…the deadline is December 1, 2011.

  • First Place: $500 and chapbook publication (letter press and hand-bound by Hoopsnake Press)
  • Second Place: Tuition at Sanibel Island Writers Conference
  • Third Place: Registration for The Florida Writers Conference
  • Submit up to 35 pages (double spaced and in MS Word or pdf if prose fiction)
  • This is a blind-read contest. The manuscript should not have your name or other identifying information on any page
  • Submit a cover letter with your name and the title (or titles) of the submitted writing
  • Any combination of long or short stories or flash fiction will be considered
  • Graphic Narrative must be black and white and in jpeg format, up to 35 pages
  • Entry fee of $25 includes a subscription to The Florida Review
  • All submissions will be considered for publication in The Florida Review
  • Simultaneous submissions are OK as long as they are withdrawn immediately upon acceptance elsewhere
  • Submissions accepted until midnight on December 1, 2011
  • Notification of results will be posted on The Florida Review website by February 2012
  • In the unlikely event that no submitted manuscript is selected by the judge as fitting chapbook publication, only the second and third prizes will be awarded
  • Submit here to The Florida Review


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