Thursday, March 18, 2010

Work in Progress: VCCA Report

Sadly, this is a quick visit to the always-fabulous VCCA, so I’ll be heading home this weekend. I’ve gotten quite a bit done in the week I’ve been here so far (including another round of Obsessive Novel Title-Quest, currently on hold), but I would love to stay longer. Here’s a snapshot of some of the goings-on of the past several days:

--For those of you who have been to VCCA, I’m in W6 which overlooks the field where the horses are and the walking path. It’s also right next to one of the areas where people park cars to unload their crap for their studios, so I can see if anyone is bringing as much crap as I brought. Or I can close the blind and not be so nosy, but that’s hardly fun, is it, and is there a writer alive who isn’t just a bit, say, curious?

--I saw a bluebird one morning, which always feels magical.

--There are stars in the sky here, unlike the blankness above my own backyard. (Well, more precisely, this was true on the one non-cloudy night we’ve had.)

--I’ve been reading some of the Paris Review Interviews, Volume IV and thought P.G. Wodehouse was beyond hilarious (he was a big fan of the soap opera "The Edge of Night," so much so that when he was away for the afternoon, his wife had to watch it and write down everything that happened). The interview with William Styron was inspiring; he seemed very genius-like. And, unfortunately, I couldn’t get through the entire Jack Kerouac interview, as he seemed very Beat-like.

--Everyone was very excited that the main chef returned from vacation yesterday. The food was okay in her absence, but now we are loosening our belts in anticipation of the sublime. Last night we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with corned beef and the best interpretation of cabbage I've ever enjoyed (excluding the coleslaw family): creamed cabbage! Too bad I have to head home on Sunday…or maybe just as well so I don’t get F-A-T.

I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my historical novel. I’m used to staying here for a longer stretch, so this is a different sort of visit. But I’m pleased with my efforts and happy to have been here even this short while. You should come too—application information is right here!


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