Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laurie Strongin Featured in the Washington Post

It’s great to see Laurie Strongin—who wrote for the blog this moving essay about the process of writing her new book, Saving Henry, about her son—featured today in the lead piece in the Washington Post Style Section. Yay!


In October 1995, Laurie and her husband, Allen Goldberg, became parents to a son, Henry. In addition to being adorable, their firstborn was afflicted with a disease called Fanconi anemia. Sometime in early childhood, Laurie and Allen were told, Henry would suffer bone marrow failure and die. They were offered a shard of hope for his survival: a genetic test that might enable them to conceive another child, who could provide a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Soon after hearing about this radical undertaking -- sometimes called a "savior sibling" -- Laurie and Allen were in. More than that, they were willing to talk about their efforts, to advance the debate about genetic testing and "designer babies." Laurie has now enlarged the conversation with a memoir, "Saving Henry”.

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