Monday, August 31, 2009

Reading: Breathless in Bombay

From my friends at the fabulous Gettysburg Review, an event recommendation:

The Gandhi Memorial Center presents:

Murzban F. Shroff

Shortlisted for the 2009 Commonwealth Prize

Thursday, September 3, 2009
6:30pm - refreshments
7:00pm - Address and reading by author
followed by Q & A and book signing

(RSVP to by Sept 1)

Breathless in Bombay (St. Martin's Press Griffin Original, February 2008) is a collection of stories as diverse as the city itself. The author, two-time Pushcart nominee, Murzban F. Shroff believes that the spirit of a city lives through its characters and Breathless in Bombay is made up of stories of many lives, many aspirations and the emotions that affect the lives and the livelihoods of the city. From taxi drivers to tycoons, Breathless in Bombay peels away the city's layers by allowing its tradition and personality to unfold through its tales, one citizen at a time. From the laundry wallas' water shortage problems and the fear of displacement, to the efforts of a taxi driver to exploit the tricks of his trade and make ends meet, to the heart-warming relationship of a carriage driver and his horse in the light of an increasingly automotive world, each of Breathless in Bombay's stories is richly crafted and arranged in front of the grand chaotic backdrop of life that is Bombay. Shroff's love for his hometown shines through, as does his deep understanding of its challenges and problems. His words give readers an insider's view of this pulsating, vibrant city. In turn, the reader comes to care for the characters presented in these stories.

Murzban F. Shroff is a Bombay born writer. His stories have been published in over twenty literary journals in the United States including the Gettysburg Review, the Louisville Review and the Minnesota Review. He is currently at work on a novel.
Gandhi Memorial Center
4748 Western Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20816


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