Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breasts: You Know You Have Something to Say about Them

InkSpotter Publishing is looking for submissions for an anthology (Wait a Minute, I Have to Take Off My Bra) celebrating the most female of body parts, the breasts. From light-hearted memories of the first buds of puberty to heart wrenching accounts of breast cancer, these stories will run the gamut of experiences and emotions.

Unpublished submissions are welcome from both women and men. Maximum 3,000 words for both fiction and non-fiction. Poems are also welcome, though a limited number will be used (no specific length requirements, but please, no epics).

We are NOT looking for salacious material. Please keep your submissions tasteful. Think in terms of what you would want your young daughter (or niece) to be able to read.

Send your submissions in the body of an email (absolutely no attachments) to with "Submission for Wait a Minute" in the subject line.

You may also submit via postal mail to:
InkSpotter Publishing
163 Main Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3M 1B3

If you require confirmation of receipt, include either a stamped postcard or your email address (preferred).

Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2009.

Manuscripts will not be returned. Do not send your only copy.

Writers chosen for the anthology will be entitled to a share of profits. Part of the proceeds will be donated to a breast cancer charity in Canada.


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