Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Online Journal Seeks Submissions and Book Reviewers

Here’s an announcement about a new online journal:

Dzanc Books is pleased to announce its newest venture: an online journal called The Collagist. Intent on continuing the Dzanc tradition of bringing extraordinary writing to a wide audience, the first issue of The Collagist will be published on August 15th, 2009, and appear subsequently each month thereafter at www.thecollagist.com.

The Collagist is edited by Matt Bell, with Matthew Olzmann as Poetry Editor. Each month, The Collagist will deliver outstanding new short stories, poems, and essays from both emerging and established writers, as well as an exclusive excerpt from a forthcoming novel. Early excerpts will include works from the standard bearers of independent publishing, including Coffee House, Two Dollar Radio, and Unbridled Books. The Collagist will also publish several new book reviews in every issue. The Collagist is immediately open for submissions in all categories. As you might assume, we suggest you read the books Dzanc and its imprints publish to get a flavor of what writing gets us most excited. Submissions guidelines can be found at www.thecollagist.com/submissions.html and below.

The Collagist Submissions
Fiction: The Collagist will include four short stories in each monthly issue. We will consider all lengths of short fiction, from flash through novella. Send to fiction@thecollagist.com and list "The Collagist - Fiction submission" in the subject line.

Poetry: The Collagist will include work from four poets in each monthly issue, publishing between 1 an d 3 poems per poet. We will consider all types of poetry. Send to poetry@thecollagist.com and list "The Collagist - Poetry submission" in the subject line.

Non-Fiction: The Collagist will include between one and three essays in each monthly issue, ranging from personal essays to literary criticism. Send to nonfiction@thecollagist.com and list "The Collagist - Non-fiction submission" in the subject line.

Book Reviews: The Collagist will include two or three book reviews in each monthly issue. We will arrange for these in advance. If you would like to become a book reviewer for The Collagist, please email Dan Wickett at dan@dzancbooks.org. Include in your email two or three of your past reviews, and if there are any specific books you'd like to review, please include those titles as well.

Novel Excerpts: The Collagist will include one novel excerpt per issue. This will be from a novel due to be published within the next three months. The Collagist will be working with numerous publishers well ahead of time on these. If a publisher would like to suggest a particular title they are publishing, please email Dan Wickett at dan@dzancbooks.org to do so. Please try to do so between six and nine months prior to the book's publication date to have it have a chance of working into our schedule.


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