Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on Jenny McKean Moore

About the information on the Jenny McKean Moore Free Community Workshop in Monday’s posting…apparently there was an incorrect start date I copied from their flyer (no web site? come on, people!) : The Wednesday of the first class would be September 17. Thanks to Dan Ryan for that catch.

And thanks for Dan Ryan for finding this interesting interview in The Dublin Quarterly with Mary Morrissy, the writer coming to teach these free community workshops (there will be a second one offered in the spring). Here’s a sample:

tDQ: Typically, what subject-matter attracts you, and why?

Morrissy: I can’t say what is typical and often one only sees patterns in retrospect. With regard to my novels, I have always chosen real-life events or characters as a springboard for the fiction. Mother of Pearl, for example, is based on a kidnapping that happened in Dublin in 1950 and my interest was sparked when I read of the death in her thirties of the child at the centre of the events. There was something so poignant not only about this woman’s premature death, but that her life had clearly been defined by the transgressive act of another. With The Pretender, which focuses on the Polish woman who claimed to be Anastasia, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas 11, the interest came from a nerdy adolescent interest in the Russian royals. I suppose you could say that that’s one of the perks of being a writer – you’re allowed to indulge your obsessions.

Indulge our obsessions…oh, for sure!!

And while I’m thanking Dan Ryan, I’ll thank him again for writing up this technologically informed piece for the blog about writing software.


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