Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rushdie Gossip and Insight

I confess I only read this article in the Sunday New York Times searching for gossipy tidbits about Salman Rushdie’s (still startling to me) former marriage to the glamorous and crush-worthy Padma Lakshmi, host of my beloved Top Chef TV show. (Gossips, take note: she dumped him via email!)

But beyond the gossip, I thought this was an interesting comment about writing (his comment, not hers):

"Regardless of whether he is writing about politics, Mr. Rushdie said he finds writing both scary ('Are you going to be able to sustain it all the way to the end?') and exhilarating.

“'There’s a writing self which is not quite your ordinary social self and which you don’t really have access to except at the moment when you’re writing, and certainly in my view, I think of that as my best self,' he said. 'To be able to be that person feels good; it feels better than anything else.'”


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