Thursday, May 8, 2008

Historical Research: You Really Can Find Out Anything!

If you’re working on historical fiction (or researching for some other reason), you chould check out this post at Madam Mayo: Guest-blogger Sanda Gulland's 5 Top Research Sites for Historical Novelists.

And writer/friend/former student/fellow former Iowan Dan Ryan offers a helpful solution to my recent, more modern research conundrum (i.e. the year 2000 vs. 2005, especially in terms of technocolgy) with these fabulous recommendations:

Here's a web site that lets you view what the Internet was like in the past:

You enter a web site, and you get a list of dates from which to choose. For example, if you choose, you get the following page:*/

If you have any baseball in your novel**, this site is amazing:

For example, here are the box scores for May 7th, 2005:

**As I so often do, though, alas, not in this present work-in-progress.


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