Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Died and Gone to Heaven

I must have a hole in my head to have forgotten to mention this exciting turn of events: Last week, I came home from my novel workshop at Johns Hopkins, pleased and inspired by our wonderful, and wonderfully intense, discussion of The Great Gatsby, to find an email inviting me to read at the Arts Club of Washington in conjunction with DC’s “Big Read” program, which will focus this year on…The Great Gatsby!

“Would it be possible for me to read from my work and to talk about how The Great Gatsby may have influenced my writing?”

Oh…gee...maybe I could do that! For what—an hour? Two hours?

Don’t worry—nothing so extreme. But I am truly thrilled to have an opportunity to talk about Fitzgerald and my ideal novel, The Great Gatsby. And I decided that this would be a good opportunity to try reading from some of my new work—the endless novel-in-progress. Details to follow, but the reading is set for Tuesday, May 6. I can’t wait!!


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