Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm Terribly Jealous...

…that literary blogger Maud Newton got to attend the Baltimore premiere party for the new season of The Wire (one of the best TV shows ever). Fans should check out her post to get the links to see how the Baltimore Sun is reacting to being put under the microscope (hint: unbiasedly but unhappily).

My opinion of last night’s episode: Eased us in nicely to the conflicts facing the characters while touching on past events to remind forgetful viewers of what happened in the past. Nice parallels: all are facing difficulties with their personnel—dealers, editors, cops—and having to “do more with less.” Masterful introduction to the character of the new metro editor: we see what makes him tick, his passions, his flaws, who he is...and feel connected to him after one episode.

Prediction: Something bad is going to happen to cute Bug, Michael’s beloved little brother.


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