Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008! (Every year that passes seems to require more training on my part to make that shift from writing the old year to the new year, so expect to see me type out “2008” early and often!)

For those who are resolution-minded, here are my New Year’s resolutions for writers, posted back in November. You can add on with this great post at poet Deborah Ager’s blog, 32 Poems, “Do You Make These Mistakes in Poetry?” which also apply to fiction—i.e. “2. Writing a poem about an Edward Hopper painting.” I’ve never written a story based on an Edward Hopper painting, but I will confess to having thought seriously about doing so. (Okay…full confession: about the girl in the movie theatre—but I tell myself that would be okay because I actually WORKED in a movie theatre way back when!)

And if one of your resolutions is to promote your work more or to get up to date on how the brave new world of technology can work for you, Deborah also has written up a helpful—if slightly intimidating—guide on how to use Facebook for networking purposes. I’m still a bit scared of the whole thing…and can’t decide which is more frightening, asking someone to “be my friend” or using “friend” as a verb, as in, “please friend me”? But she offers good, solid advice for those ready to jump into the Facebook waters.

2008. I have a good feeling. Happy writing!


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