Monday, December 17, 2007

Get Up, Stand Up

This isn’t an event or agency I’m familiar with, but trusted source Anna Leahy sent this along and I’m intrigued. Ha—it’s certainly not as though Congress forks over money hand over fist for the arts…wouldn't we all rather see a theatre or literary journal funded than another “bridge to nowhere”?

National Arts Advocacy Day
Capital Hilton Hotel
Washington, DC
March 31–April 1, 2008

The 21st annual Arts Advocacy Day is the only national event that brings together a broad cross section of America’s cultural and civic organizations, along with hundreds of grassroots advocates from across the country, to underscore the importance of developing strong public policies and appropriating increased public funding for the arts.

LEARN how to lobby congress.
NETWORK with other attendees from your state and across the country.
BE HEARD by your members of Congress when you visit them to make the case for the arts and arts education.

Advocacy Day Highlights

March 31: 21st Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public PolicyDaniel Pink is a best-selling author and an expert on innovation, competition, and the changing world of work.

March 31: Emerging Arts Leaders Networking Reception

April 1: Congressional Arts Breakfast
Hear from members of Congress and celebrity guests. ~~ View the schedule for all the activities. ~~ Register and book your hotel today!

This past year, the first hearing in 12 years dedicated to the importance of investing in the arts was held on Arts Advocacy Day including testimony by Wynton Marsalis. Your involvement does make an impact.

For more information about this program or any Americans for the Arts programs and services, please contact us by e-mail or call us at 202.371.2830 or check the web site.


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